The Minds Journal invited me to talk about co-parenting during and after divorce with an international audience. I share basic information about divorce statistics, and the keys to successful co-parenting, as well as why it is vital to your children that you and your partner find a way to end the conflict and “love your kids more than you hate your ex.” I talk about specific steps you can take to ease into co-parenting, and how to best support your children.

Dr. Buscho blogs regularly at this link:

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Here are some of her articles:

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Family Law: Divorce Options and the Collaborative Practice
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Must We Say We Did Not Love?




Dr. Buscho is eager to talk about “Nesting for Happier Children.” She regularly gives a workshop titled “Divorce Options.” Here is a selection of training and workshops she has presented:

“Nesting for Happier Children: A New Approach to Preserving the Family and Putting Children First During Divorce” at CP California conference, April 2019

“Forgive for Good,” a weeklong workshop at Rancho La Puerta (Tecate, Mexico), May 2017 and a second date TBA.

“Practice Group Dynamics” at Collaborative Professionals of Tel Aviv, December 2016

“Using Brainwriting to Elicit and Develop Ways to Reduce Costs in Collaborative Cases” at Collaborative Practice California (Los Angeles, CA), April 2015

“Sharing the Nest: Redefining Separation in a Difficult Economy” at International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, October 2011

“Sharing the Nest: Redefining Separation in a Difficult Economy” at Marin County Community Mental Health, February 2011

“From Grievance to Agreement: Adding Forgiveness Practices to our Collaborative Toolbox” at International Academy of Collaborative Practice (Washington, DC), October 2010


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“With her compassion, wisdom, extensive experience with divorcing families,  Ann Buscho is a prominent blogger whose talent as a writer is wired into her DNA (she is the daughter of a prominent novelist). Dr. Buscho is now sharing with a much larger audience her exceptional knowledge of how to succeed at the child-friendly shared custody arrangement known as “birdnesting” or “nesting.”  If you know any families whose parents are divorcing, you’ll be doing the entire family a huge favor by gifting them this practical, intelligent, and very readable book.”

~Pauline Tesler, Director, Integrative Law Institute at Commonweal; Trainer/Workshop Leader; Keynote Speaker; Collaborative Lawyer.Co-founder of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and Author of
Collaborative Divorce:
The Revolutionary New Way to Restructure Your Family, Resolve Legal Issues, and Move on with Your Life


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